May 30th, 2001

spirit in the wires- unkown artist

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Hello everyone...I just joined, and wanted to send a greeting.

*Favorite pastimes and presentimes: Coloring, cartoons, books without words, playmates, and band-aides.

;) Tata for now,


One more time around the cherry tree.
In a white sun dress with one strap slipping off,
And corduroy overalls, a dirt-smudged blue,
A girl and boy child dancing make-believe,
Twirl one more time around the cherry tree.

The cherry blossoms tumbling to the ground,
Lazy, like the slow spring rains that fall steadily,
Like transient blankets of whispers without sound.
Still the sun-shine children roll round and round,
Beneath the blooms of the budding cherry tree.