February 20th, 2001



My nails are a really bright electric purple color. I love looking at them. I have been wearing mostly lighter colors or sometimes a brownish red. Purple makes my nails look alive. I am wearing rings too for me so when I look at my fingers I see the rings. I bought a purple phone yesterday too and I cant wait till it charges so I can use it. Bright colors make me feel alive sometimes/youthful. I used to wear fuchsia eye shadow and red eye eyeliner pencil. Now I wear more mutes tones though now and then I do wear purple. I smell of cotton candy right now. The child in me feels happy smelling like sugar with bright dazzling nails. I missed purple and I am glad I have infused myself/things with more of it. I don't want a purple nurple though. That would surely hurt! My cousin loved purple so much as a kid. Purple ices to make her lips purple even. I am sitting here eating my grown up breakfast of tofu yogurt with dried fruits thinking..boy would I love some Lucky Charms right about now but Id eat most of the marshmellows in advance and then there would be none for my breakfast :)
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