January 31st, 2001


Okay New Question :)

What were some of your friends you had when you were little to now (real life not lj friends? What were their names (first) and what did you used to do together?
1.Daren-we played cops and robbers. I knew him when I was five to eight I think. I always wondered what he looked like when he grew up. He was pretty cute for an eight year old...we moved to long island though bye bye queens
2.Debbie..we used to draw together and we would make squiggles and each take turns tunring each others squiggles into drawings. hmmm 10-12 maybe?
3.Faith-tomboy...reble rough girl who later became a model for Mode magazine one issue..I visited her when I was sixteen (she was in california) and I felt like this little girl next to her.
4.Debbie D-She lived in a very very messy house with a hyperactive sisiter who pulled out her own hair and a very neurotic mother. I always felt uneasy there. I felt sorry for her, She was teased like I was teased. I eventually ended the relationship. I couldn't handle it. 10-16 years old maybe?
5.Cara-again a neurotic mother and she eventually had a nervous breakdown and ended up in residential treatment...she was abusive to me and very very jealous. In the end I ended that friendship too. sixth grade tll maybe the first year of college. I felt very very guilty ending this friendship even though she hit me and locked me out of her house. She was teased so much.
6.Pam-a very very sarcastic cold at times girl with winged hair, Very small with a rather distnictive nose. I once asked her how we (and another friend( became friends she said "We saw you sitting alone at the cafeteria table and we felt sorry for you so we sat with you" When she told me this it hurt. I later realized Pam wasn't positive and seldom compli,mented me. She also made fun of me for liking Sesamee Street I mean geez! But lets give her some credit she loved Bob Ross the happy cloud man :) When I moved to Mass I didn't let her know. I knew her from 6th grade till I was 28 I think.
7.Christine-was teased real bad when she was younger. Grew into a beautiful promiscous teenager. I brought out her vulnerability. I recalls he showed me her journal. I think i was fourteen or fifteen..not sure how it ended.
8.Lisa-my real first best friend. I was seventeen. She was very sweet and silly and alwways wrote me siuch nice notes. Then the transformation happened. While I was away in college, she and Pam became very very close and they both became quite superficial or maybe getting away from them showed me, they were boring. They werent into much if anything I was into, I still recall when I was dating my first and they thought kissing was grosss. I have no idea how...weird girls and I recall we would say are ya gonna wait till you are married to have sex? I said I would see how I felt..that I didn't think i needed to wait. They looked at me like I was crazy.
9.Stephanie-wiccan (nothing against wiccans she just is) mean at times abusive child woman who loved brady bunch and goth. She introudced me to the navy guy who cheated on me. She felt that I could change him....I finally ended that relationship...later than I should have.
10.Chuck-lives in Queens went to art school with him. He was teh first one to really really help me be less sensitive cause hed playfully tease me. When my first was detaching Id visit Chuck and Steve who lived on his florr and who I had class with. He makes me laugh so much my =Star Wars loving friend. Our birthdays are opposite I am 7/31 and he is 7.13. I msiss him.. I saw him on my birthday. He is the one who got me Cinammon and my Archie Jelly Glasses :)
Okay me stopping for now :) I wont mention the latest friends but here are their names
Ben (bowie knapper has redeemed himself yay! though he still owes me a lunch- isee him Friday for it)
Kelly (my poetry friend)
My sister :)
and most important
the best friend I could have is
ME :) well we are trying to be a better friend to ourselves
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