January 29th, 2001

  • evaq8

My Parent, my Mirror, my Father.

My father gave me his blue eyes, his sense of humor, his sharp whistle, many talents and many flaws.
He was my mirror.
I would watch him in bad situations and say to myself: "Am I like him? Do I do that?"
I thought it was genetic and nothing else.

When I read the AdultChild website that SoulStorage posted a while ago, I could see myself and my father in the description of an adult child.

My father was an adult child. I'll never know why and it doesnt matter. It is not my problem. It is not even his problem. He died 2 years ago.

Events in my life made me an adult child and my role model was one also.
I guess I was doomed....from the beginning.

Im working everyday on my emotions and my behaviours so they will reflect my true physical age.
Trying to be in sync.
Becoming an adult.
Being my own parent.
Eliminating childish behaviours: revenge, jealousy, dependency, lies, impulsivity, etc.

I want my emotions to grow up but my heart to stay young.