January 26th, 2001

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hmm...toys from childhood huh?

well for me it would depend on when...my early years were spent playing with my neighbor and her toys most of the time...meaning yep, I played Barbies and House and School. lol I remember having a spirograph, and cooties (lol, that sounds wrong) and I think I may still have my lincoln logs. hehe Once I got older tho I needed my own toys, and remember clearly the Atari 2600, all the Battle Beasts and Transformers I could get my hands on, and of course Legos. :0)

on a side note, I had my snoopy snow cone maker for about a week...after that it officially became my parents "Snoopy Daquari and Margarita Maker" LOL
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the barbie makeup head thing (that my mom threw away after i got makeup on the carpet)
lite brite
playdoh (also got thrown away)
strawberry shortcake
rainbow brite
cabbage patch kids
nintendo (the original)
easy bake oven (never had one either)
big wheels

i'm sure i'll think of more all day.
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natalie dee- i don't care ok?


1.barbie.. and all her accessories
2.card board boxes.. for various reasons
3.hot wheel cars with the little boy across the street
4.my little pink bicycle with the hangy floofs coming out of the handle bars
5.those little plastic kitchen's with the fake plastic food.
6.the talking Julie doll
7.cabbage patch kids
8.lite brite
9.my little pony's

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Barbie's big head and all her makeup- owned it
Baby Alive- my mom would never let me have it, she said it was too mussy
Barbie's 3 story country house- owned it
Lite Brite- awesome toy, had it
Etch a Sketch- another great toy had it
Easy bake oven- oh the things we tried to make with this thing..LOL
Spirograph- would love to play with one today
twister game
banana seat bicycle
a game, toy, that i can not remember the name of,
was plastic material that was used to make clothes for paper dolls of sorts, and you could change their outfits at any times......
I remember the fun as a kid I had, but playing house or school was always the most fun

Ohhh to be a child again, with not a worry in the world, and to be loved so unconditionally! *sigh*