January 25th, 2001


Welcome Members Older and New: Q and A

It seems that people keep joining this little community but only a small fraction of our members are posting. I thought it would be cool to ask questions and get responses from our members so maybe we could learn more about each other and why we joined.
I will try to ask questions now and then and my fellow childlike adults please feel free to post questions here for other members to answer:

Name the toys you remember from your childhood.

1.lemon twister
2.cinammon (part of the crissy doll line)
3.super pinky
4.cher doll
5.sunshine family dolls
6. lincoln logs
7.spin art
9.that barbie makeup head thingy
10.many barbies..esp fashion photo barbie
11.snoopy snow cone machine(never had it)
12.easy bake over (never had it) *sniff*
13.atari 2600...(never had it wah!)
14 cooitie
15 kabangers
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