January 21st, 2001

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Someday... I'll be six ;)

Recently, I awoke as an adult.
(oh did that sound magical and easy? it wasn't, really... but it wasn't as hard as one might think...)

I said "an adult"-- not a grown-up, mind you... those of you who know me should know better than that! ;)

Yet, as an adult, I find myself imbued with great power
Intellectual power
Physical power
Emotional power
Sexual power
Influential power
The power to
Shape and to
Touch, and to
Love, and to
(in a positive way, I hope)

(Did I really say that? Oh, I did... and in CAPs no less... :P)

I had all this power before really...
(yes, all along, just like those ruby slippers...)
But now I am aware of it, am able to harness it, and am
deserving of it, and
completely and totally
responsible for it...
And although it's almost overwhelming...
and I may seek help and support...
I will not give this power away.
It was given to me, and I can and will take care of it now.


I've forgiven myself, and my parents, and other children, and adults, and I've let go of the pain. I just don't need it anymore.

~And I think it's gonna be alright
yeah, the worst is over now
the morning sun is shining
like a red rubber ball~

--The Cyrkle

It's a good thing. A Very Good Thing.

But wish me luck anyway...
because I can use all the love I can get, and a wish from you of luck is really one of love, isn't it?
(..and can't we all use all the love we can get? Remember that next time it's offered and you hesitate... take it, do take it, if the offer is true... you are worthy and deserving of love, really truly... and give it when you can; it will return to you tenfold, it will)

I hope I have enough Strength, Love and Wisdom to do this power justice.
I believe I do :D
And I solemnly promise to use my powers only for good :)
(Note: caution is not at all the same as fear. Caution is protective, while fear is destructive.)

I hope you'll join me, and accept your power, when you're ready, (if you aren't ready yet)...
maybe you'll help me get a better handle on mine, when I feel weak.
(Because nobody can be strong ALL the time. And that's OK, it really is.)

The world needs more good strong people to make it work :)
And good strong people who help each other will make the world gooder (yes, gooder) and stronger yet :)

This is my first post, but not likely my last.
Because while I have made great strides, this journey will always continue...
and that's just fine :)
Because the journey's the thing.

If I need help, I will seek it without fear. And if you desire help from me, do not fear to seek it. Even if I don't have any productive information, I can give you a hug and say a bright future awaits you, at the very least.

You hold your future in your hand,
and even if your hand is small
you can and will shape your future
and in beautiful ways, if you but allow it

Yes, you do have the power to make beautiful things happen :)

Just by reading this journal, you've likely taken at least a step or two... or maybe you have walked a zillion miles already.
But regardless,
you're on your way : )
(and didn't I mention that the journey's the thing?)

Oh, and you don't have to leave the little you behind. Bring him or her along; being adult doesn't require that you become a stuffy old grown-up (thank heavens!) :)

Much love,
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