January 14th, 2001


(no subject)

Its funny how I read articles, watch tv and think "hmm those people sound like adults". I don't feel like an adult a lot of the time. Maybe that's why I cant imagine myself ever having a child though I love children and am so nurturing to them.

is adult entertainment killing our kids is or is killing our kids entertaining adults?

children can really grasp
the simple things

and at the end of their innocense
they may cry
and they may feel lost
and they may wonder who they are
when they never did before

a sudden wash of corruption
frightens those that still crave
their bravery
their willingness to do anything
their conscience
but that's everyone

silly thoughts
of sex
and hate
and fear
eat the sweetness
of your childhood

I wish I was a child
to play with all the children
that don't judge
as much
that don't wonder at your
at your intentions
when they think of you
as someone to play with

I really just want
someone to play with.