January 8th, 2001

In the waves
  • fuschia

Take care of me

I am both my child-me and myself right now. I want to be taken care of. I want my father to be stroking my hair and telling me everything will be ok.

I want to stop being so afraid.

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i had big glasses when i was a child and big dreams
well here i am an adult ith same big dreams but smaller glasses why is we give to children doubt and worry when we should give stories and hope and solutions the problems which but iguess it can all be solved with a hug and i give you all a great big hug
  • evaq8

To this child inside me...

...who's suffocating
...who feels alone
...who cannot stop crying
...who doesnt understand a damn thing
...who needs comforting arms around her
...who's quickly losing the notion of self-worth
...who sees herself as an object

Starting today and till the end of Time

I, Eva aka Danielle, will:

Breathe for her...
Accompany her where ever she goes...
And hold her hand...
Let her cry till all her tears dry up...
Take the time to explain things to her...
Hug her so tight...
Make her see the unique diamond she is...
Transform her into a dragon...

I am a child.
I am a woman.
I am my mother.
I am my father.

Now, I am powerful.