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Trying to not Stay in my Protective Box Too Long

I am five and sucking my two fingers (the ones next to the pinky) right now. No matter how hard I try to not let it bother me, I do get bothered when I reach out to someone and they don't reach back. I asked a ljer if they wanted to chat to give me their name on the chat thingy. They didn't so I feel regretful and silly and small. I deleted my response in their journal so noone else would know I asked. I wonder when I will be able to let things like this go. Already I have done something I regret but yet if I don't try then I am not letting my defenses down enough to live. Living involves sometimes getting hurt. Perhaps this person will reach back at a later time. If they don't Ill try hard to not take it personally. The world does not revolve around me,,,that is my new manta I shall chant while eating sugary things...the world does not revolve around me and people's lives are not designed to figure out ways to ignore or neglect me.

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