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04 November 2010 @ 03:07 am
Writer's Block: Captain Planet  
If everyone had their own small planet to live on and care for (like in The Little Prince), what would your planet be like?
All kinds of wonderful trees and flowers and happy butterflies, bright colors everywhere! The trees would grow all kinds of foods including hot dogs and hamburgers or macaroni and cheese, but also healthy things like carrots and apples. Other trees would grow shoes or pretty dresses, and everyone would be born with fairy wings so they fly around with the birdies in the sky. There would be soda pop fountains, mushrooms that grow in the shapes of teapots and teacups with real tea in them, and other mushrooms would grow into tables and chairs. Stuffed animals would walk and talk and be friendly and we'd have tea parties with them (and there the only thing "tea party" means is a party with tea, no stinky 'publicans to spoil our fun).

Also there'd be crystal-clear lakes to bathe and skinny dip in, with dolphins and otters cheerfully playing nearby, that you could play with if you wanted.

And then when it started to get darker (it would never be totally dark), and therefore beddy-bye time, some of the puffy white clouds would come out of the sky and be beds for everyone until the sun came back in the morning. And the only dreams anyone would have would be sweet dreams of fun things. And everyone would be children, and never grow up, unless they want to grow up, then they can without having to leave. They'd only have to leave if they became poopyheads.
白雪-曙霏: 可愛小女生brighidn on November 28th, 2010 09:18 pm (UTC)
My planet would be barely terraformed, in some climactic extremity. A desert planet with small oceans, such as Mars once was and might someday be again. Or some place like Titan, but warmed up a few Kelvin so that mosses and lichens could feed fuzzy wuzzy sheeps (whose lungs are engineered to endure the atmosphere). The planet would be cold enough that most people wouldn't want to be there, but allow any who do to make a fair go of it. It would be a world for snuggling next to a fire. And enabling this, high power technics would be outlawed, encouraging a plainer existence than is typically depicted for frontier societies.

Some folks I might invite to colonize, aside from other Daoists:
Amish, Tibetan monks/nuns, !Kung, Mongolian herders, Swiss farmers, Eskimos and Saami...

The planet would have to have 3 moons. One tiny one near the surface. One largish moon midway out, retrograde to rotation (for months to have meaning and midnight light). And one moon at a high lagrange stationary orbit. On the last would be a retreat colony, with a stringent taboo against speaking whilst on the moon. There'd be pretty gardens, too.

I'd found few planned settlements. Better to let whoever build where they want. With a maximum population of about 1 million, there'll be enough room for all. But there would be at least one Venice-style city, in a warm lagoon sea. And there would be large holy towns/monasteries at the north and south pole, and at 3 mountains along the equator. And there'd be a Santa's Village at the lowest, hottest spot, where tourists from Earth could come to see Santa year-round.

Yesh. Santa... That would be nice.
Molly Elizabethmolly_elizabeth on November 28th, 2010 11:05 pm (UTC)