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Hello I'm new

I just found this community and decided to join. I find I tend to enjoy things like toys and cartoons more than many people my age. I was both verbally and physically abused as a kid, both by my father and by schoolmates and teachers. I really had no refuge. I took comfort in my toys. I survived my childhood mainly due to things like Popples, Koosas, Boglins, My Pet Monster, Battle Beasts and Ninja turtles. Every happy memory I have revolves around toys.
As a result I tend to identify with toys and things of an artificial nature like robots and golems more than I do flesh and blood things like people and animals. I suffer from depression and anxiety. My toys are the only things that make me want to get out of bed and face another day. The only way I can function outside my home is by wearing a backpack with a toy or two in it. Call them security objects, lucky totems or whatever you will but the fact is I couldn't survive without them. The only real pleasure I get out of life is my toy collecting hobby. It keeps me going. I'm always looking forward to the next find.
I tend to like cartoons as well everything from Spongebob to Family guy. Everything I watch is either animated or scifi/fantasy type things. I don't like realism in my entertainment. When I want realism I watch the news.
I read a lot. Again all fantasy and Scifi. I don't get out, don't socialize and generally shy away from people. I'd rather keep to myself. I do better getting my thoughts across in writing. When actually speaking to people I tend to get nervous. I prefer communicating on the internet. Even when writing though I often find myself not knowing what to say. Or fearing I'll say the wrong thing.
Anyway that's about it. I look forward to chatting.

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